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echoes of excellence

JesiCreates captures the essence of life through the rhythm of sound and the lens of a camera.  With over 18 years of in-studio production experience, JesiCreates stands as a pillar of creativity and technical mastery, offering a spectrum of services, from sound design to the elegance of photography, the storytelling through video, and the seamless orchestration of events. 



Masterfully weaving incredible acoustic melodies.



Embracing life's beauty and transforming passing moments into everlasting memories.



Capturing cherished celebrations, and emerging them into timeless stories.



Bringing vibrant energy and great connection to events.


mastering sound

In the heart of the studio, JesiCreates unites magic with sound. Specializing in live broadcasts, podcasts, audio for visual works, and sound board operations. Jesi uses a range of tools like Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, Digi-Boards, and more to make every project a symphony of excellence.

creating visual stories

JesiCreates turns celebrations into short form visual momentums.  Handling a variety of video projects, from expressive promotional videos to informative documentaries, JesiCreates crafts each video with passion and a unique perspective. Every project is a journey, assuring a final product that reflects deeply with its audience.
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Inside Jesi's

From the halls of Howard University, Jesi started on a journey that would shape her into a star in the media production world. Graduating with honors in Radio/TV/Film – Audio Production, and a minor in Business Administration, Jesi’s path was guided by a passion for sound and video media. A conscious creator capturing the human experience, Jesi’s vision is to illustrate passion through love, the insight of life, and the limitless value of community through stills, video, and audio.

client relationships

At JesiCreates, building and maintaining client trust is paramount. The team’s dedication to delivering exceptional service ensures long-term client relationships.  Case studies highlight JesiCreates’ ability to meet and exceed client expectations, showcasing the team’s expertise and talent.


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